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Eternal Rune

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Eternal Rune


DustyCat Media presents an RPG+Casual+Strategy hybrid, Eternal Rune!

Join Lohne, the warrior chosen to defeat the "Time Restorer", a malevolent entity which resides on top of Rayto Tower bent to reset time!

Activate "runes" to determine Lohne's stats in awesome one-on-one battles with the tower's denizens!

Good luck,brave warrior!

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For Windows

For Android (Google Play)

For Android (Amazon App Store)

For Windows 8


Eternal Rune Screen1 Eternal Rune Screen2 Eternal Rune Screen3 Eternal Rune Screen4 Eternal Rune Screen5

Eternal Rune Screen6 Eternal Rune Screen7 Eternal Rune Screen8 Eternal Rune Screen9 Eternal Rune Screen10

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