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Who Are We?

        DustyCat Media is an independent game development team composed of veteran game developers who have been in the industry for over seven years. We aim to develop awesome metroidvania-style and role playing games for virtually all popular platforms. Indie Game Purrrfection!

Core Team Members

JC Malapit JC Malapit - DustyCat Media’s co-founder and main developer (concept, design, art, animation, and programming). He lives in the Philippines and he has been in the local game development industry since 2006; partaking on various outsourced popular games for well known publishers. But even before his professional tenure, he has been developing his own games since around 2001.

Keith LorenzoKeith Lorenzo - the other half of DustyCat Media. He currently lives in Japan, which is an advantage for our games' translation and exposure. He is also another game developer veteran; both he and JC worked for the same game development company for over four years. He’s also responsible for our games' bug testing and various creative input.

Nurjean Chaneco Nurjean Chaneco - The team’s resident character designer. She lives in the Philippines and she’s a registered nurse (yes, a nurse) who took her character designing hobby into professional territory by joining the team. She’s also responsible for bug testing, creative input, and some of the in-game dialogue.

Arbie Almeida Arbie Almeida -  The team’s main composer. He lives in New Jersey, and has been composing the team’s music ever since JC was just starting out his path in game development.


Erik Rodriguez Erik Rodriguez - Founder of RetroAge Games and the team's partner for our current game in development. His team develops games similar to what we plan to develop as well; making our bond even stronger. He and his team are strong and reliable partners now and in the future!

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